Who is Smart.Magna?

Smart.Magna is an international talent, literary and visual media agency and community representing and promoting artists as well as operating a successful image licensing business with offices in, New York, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Athens.

Our Athens division, under the brand name Smart.Magna Stock is the seat of our successful image licensing and Royalty Free operations.The company's substantial in-house collection includes royalty-free and rights-managed visual media.


What is image licensing?

Image licensing is the use of a photograph that already exists as a cost effective alternative to hiring a photographer to shoot the photo. Businesses of all shapes and sizes license stock photos for specific uses that have been previously created to illustrate concepts, services, situations, etc.


What are Editorial, RM and RF?

Editorial is a term used for photography themed with a variety of subjects (news, celebrities, sports, events etc.) used to illustrate primarily newspapers, magazines, books and websites. Editorial imagery is in the majority of cases for non-commercial use since the places and people depicted are not released.

Commercial photography involves visuals intended for advertising use and they are divided in Rights Managed and Royalty Free. Rights Managed images are licensed for use, duration, medium and territory, and on whether exclusivity is available or desired. Royalty Free licensing involves a one-off fee, with price determined by file size. The RF license allows for unlimited use of the image on a non-exclusive basis, but reproduction rights may not be transferred to any other party.


What is the cost?

You have to submit information concerning your intended use of the product so we can determine the price. In these fast-changing times, we are here to offer you flexible solutions that will suit your budget no matter how restricted it may be. Clients with high volume image needs can take advantage of our individual discounts and subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions allows you to download a large amount of images at a standard fee and enables you to have a better control on your budget.


Why should I choose Smart.Magna?

Smart Magna Images is not just about licensing images and videos.

We can offer you the best possible customer experience including helping you with image requests, calculating fees and clarifying and simplifying the image licensing process. We are here to help you with your urgent deadlines and limited budgets so you can find the tools to create the most powerful storytelling. So at the end of the day you get value, instead of just a price.


What is copyright?

The material that we represent is protected by copyright. Any use without our permission can expose you to legal risks and penalties. We are here to help you legally obtain the rights for using copyrighted material even if you have a small budget.



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